Ordos, Inner Mongolia, is well known as the largest Chinese "ghost town". Located in a province rich with natural resources (coal, gas, rare earth metals), the local government decided to invest heavily in early 2000's to develop a new city which would become the pride of the country: a futuristic cultural, economic and political center boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class real estate. However, following the classic Chinese tradition of building fast and cheap, without any real urban planning or long term vision, the city quickly became a spectacular failure. Prices of property being much too high discouraged potential buyers and the only people who actually settled were local government officials and migrant construction workers who could earn more here thanks to a special "relocation bonus". As a result, the city is now a surreal landscape of empty streets, decaying monuments, abandoned buildings and half-finished housing projects. It is more than anywhere the symbol of the Chinese Dream with all its challenges and contradictions, an Orwellian vision of a bright future caught up by a less flamboyant reality.