On the move - Maldives

After a busy year on the road, travelling and working on assignments in over 20 countries, I am finally wrapping up and spending the last days of 2017 on a remote island in northern Maldives.
Looking forward to seeing what the new year will bring us, and wishing all my collaborators, clients and friends a very Happy New Year 2018!


Systra, Public Transport Infrastructure - Corporate & Aerial Photographer

This month I had the great opportunity to work in Brazil on a project documenting public transport infrastructures in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte for French engineering company Systra. The aim of the project was to showcase the various mobililty structures the firm has been implementing in those cities, and included a day flying over in helicopter to capture aerial views of larger projects as well as the general urban surroundings and environment.

Raphael Olivier is a commercial photographer living in Asia for about 10 years, currently based between Hong Kong and Singapore, and available for corporate, industrial and aerial photography assignments all around Asia and beyond.