Personal Project - Hong Kong Architecture Study in Black & White

I came to Hong Kong for the first time in 2008, expecting to find a futuristic metropolis straight out of a fiction movie. My big surprise was to find a city that had been probably very modern at some point in the 70's and which was now slowly decaying in the humidity and heat, with a delicious vintage feel to it. Since then I've been back many times and the unique architectural landscape of this city continues to amaze me every time. In the frame of a personal photographic study on urbanism in Asia, I have worked on several series about architecture and urban spaces around Hong Kong.

Below are some recent out-takes from my latest trip to the island. 


China Lifestyle Photographer - Germain Tailors, Shanghai

Outtake from a recent portrait session: a new advertising campaign for the french tailor "Germain" in Shanghai. Germain has been working within the textile industry in China for over 7 years, producing high-end bespoke suits for men. He has already supplied some of the world's most famous brands with his craft. For selected clients, he has recently opened his own little private studio in the quiet heart of Shanghai's old French Concession.

As a photographer, I've had the chance to work with Germain on many occasions, following him from busy factories and colorful markets to trendy design studios and fancy art galleries... I have documented the whole process of his art. Meanwhile, I have learned a great deal from the values and lifestyle of a classic tailor living from his passion, far away from home, against all winds of modern society.


Raphael Olivier is a commercial photographer based in Asia for about 10 years, currently living between Hong Kong and Singapore, and available for assignments around the region including portraits, lifestyle, editorial, luxury events, advertising campaigns and more.