Personal Project - Japan Ceramic Factory

Kouraku porcelain factory, Arita, Japan. This is one of the oldest in the country and now almost completely abandoned.

Back in 1865, when the factory started operations, it was a very successful enterprise. At the time, Kouraku was one of the biggest and most modern pottery factories in Japan, employing over 500 persons and exporting its products internationally. However, due to the severe economical crisis that has been hitting Japan for decades and ever growing competition from neighbouring countries, the family business has been forced to lay off most of its employees so that today only 15 workers still remain on site.

In an effort to revive this historical heritage relic, local authorities are now sponsoring a program to welcome local and foreign artists to use the factory as a workshop and organize various residencies. The plan is also to open a café and guest-house to generate a little income, which hopefully will help making the global restoration process a success.

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